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I was finally able to get a copy of Rosetta Stone Hindi and couldn't wait to get started. Thankfully, I did not have to pay the $229.00 price tag because I would be rather annoyed if I did! So far it's just OK. The pictures and layout are outdated, everything is in Devanagari Script, and it gets boring quite fast. MIM is impressed with my knowledge and correct answers so far, but that's just 'cause once I recognize a word such as larki, I know the right answer will contain a picture of a girl. It's basically the act of elimination more than anything. And without MIM next to me to explain some things, I think I would be quite lost right off the bat. Why is level one in complete Devanagari Script - without any tools to teach you how to read the script? Why does the program look and work like it was released in the 80's and never updated? I have only heard how Rosetta Stone is the best language tool. So far I don't believe it. Have any of you had experience with it? What did you think? Maybe I should just give it more time!

Update: As a reader suggested, I have now moved on to and LOVE it! I highly recommend it over Rosetta.


  1. Give it a chance! The reason it is all written in Hindi is so that you can’t use your own language as a crutch. It forces you to really absorb a lot this way… I am also learning Hindi through this program and haven’t gotten very far yet but it is helping fill in the blanks with a lot of words.

    My complaint so far is that when I try to use what I’ve learned with my husband he tells me that some of the words I’ve learned are in ‘proper, formal hindi” instead of colloquial… For example, many English words are used in colloquial Hindi, but the program teaches the Hindi word–not the fastest way to get to speaking and communicating, but it’s the most complete I suppose….

    PS–great blog…very happy to have found it. :)

  2. S – Yes, giving it more of a chance, but it would help to see the words spelled in English greatly. Although I agree it is a crutch, it helps me better pronounce the words. Also, it would help me communicate over the internet to MIM’s family and friends, since no one I know actually write to each other using script. I’m glad you like the blog! :)

    Jubeee – Hi again! Still here…sorry for being MIA!! Glad you haven’t given up on me yet!

  3. I think is the best interactive resource I’ve seen for Hindi so far – it’s not QA’d as well as Rosetta Stone is, but overall, I think the system is better – and the price point (free) is right! For books, there’s a new beginner’s Hindi textbook – like a proper college text- available that you can find on Amazon. It comes with cds, and you can also purchase an accompanying workbook & huge set of flashcards. The quality is extremely high on all, and I haven’t been able to find any errors. I do strongly recommend learning Devanagari and not relying on English transliteration as a crutch, but I agree that the way Rosetta Stone presents the script isn’t the best ever. However there’s a great teach-yourself-Hindi-script book available on Amazon (I can look it up for you, but I think it’s linked to on the forums on my site) – pair it with a native speaker and/or the online pronouciation guides, and you can become pretty fluent in the script in 3 or 4 weeks of moderate study.

  4. Hi! Yeah, I do see what you mean about having the words written out in English phonetically to know how to pronounce it. That would help a lot. I was actually really annoyed by the lack of English at the beginning also. Was very excited by this livemocha recommendation, and tried it right away, but according to my husband who was sitting right next to me, (he’s Indian, and the reason I love your blog… ;) the pronunciation and the words were not colloquial, and too much like “proper Hindi”.
    He said the same thing about a few of the words on Rosetta Stone. Despite that, I think both programs are great (and so nice that livemocha is online and free), and can get you speaking. I’m not looking for perfection yet, i guess, i just want to be able to communicate my thoughts, however crudely, so I don’t feel so frustrated when attempting to talk to his family or understand what is going on around me!

  5. Thanks Gori Girl! I will definitely check out LiveMocha. Now who’s going to light the fire under my a$$ to actually get me studying?! Really can’t seem to stick to it! ;)

  6. I actually found Rosetta Stone Hindi to be quite useful, but I think I have a newer version than the screenshots you are posting. If you can find v3 for Hindi, I’d suggest trying that out. The version I have works very well. Still uses the script and all, but that doesn’t really bug me as I’m just trying to learn to speak it. My guy is from Pakistan so I’m trying to learn Urdu, but Rosetta Stone doesn’t have Urdu and LiveMocha Urdu is, to be honest, quite horrible!

    I’ve found Rosetta Stone Hindi really helps me understand when my friends are speaking. I can understand a lot more, and I had been trying to learn Urdu for seven months before I started so I know it really, really works. I’ve just made it through the first two units so I’m excited to see what I can work out once I get through the first CD and go on to the others. LiveMocha is pretty helpful too, Hindi LiveMocha is probably better than Urdu!

    At least my friends are teaching me how to write in Urdu script…

  7. Vi, maybe there is a newer version. I simply borrowed a copied CD so have no way of knowing. But if your screen shots are more up to date, that must be the case.
    Seeing the words spelled out in English really helps me. Even when MIM teaches me a new word, a way for me to remember it better is to have him spell it out. Learning the script would be great one day, but not my first priority. One thing I don’t get about LiveMocha is they have everything in English until you go to speak and record for practice. There it’s in script. So, I always have to skip that lesson. :-/

  8. Right on with the livemocha website!Thanx… There is also a Mango language program that is great. Only problem is, it’s limited..I love India.. Just came back from a 2month adventure! Sad I had to come back to USA, but will be returning soon, to teach elementary in India:)



  9. Thank you for the information. I have to learn Hindi for my boyfriend, so I can communicate with his family. I’m excited to learn, but I didn’t want to spend so much money on Rosetta Stone, especially on my college budget. :) I’ll definitely check out the recommended website. Thanks so very much. :)

  10. sorry i’m sure you’re far beyond rosetta stone hindi now, but i’d like to let you know:

    on the top right corner you’ll see a question mark. if you click that, there is a menu option for “alphabet”. this helps you learn devanagari :)

    hope this helps someone…..

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