Flowers in Her Hair

A lot of Indian women wear flowers in their hair.

I have to admit before moving to India I didn't know this. I asked my friend, "what does it signify?" He wasn't sure if it signified anything at all. "They just wear it for the scent and look of it," he told me.

Whenever I would see the girls walking around with the flowers in their hair, The Cowsills would pop into my head, and I'd be humming the tune all day.

One day, my friend came home and surprised me with flowers of my own.
I thought the flowers were so pretty, I took lots of pictures of them.

Then, after sniffing their lovely scent over and over again, I put the flowers in MY hair.


"You did that on your own?" My friend asked, shocked, once he saw the flowers in my hair. "How did you know how to do it?"

"I don't know," I replied. "I saw how the women were wearing them and pinned it in. It was so simple." He continued to look at me as if I had just spoken fluent Hindi to him, not as if I simply pinned a string of flowers in my hair.

And then, we went out - with the flowers in my hair - and I felt beautiful. :)

I will never forget these beautiful and amazing smelling flowers. What a perfect, natural way to look and smell wonderful. I kept mine as long as I could, which was about three days, before I had to toss them. But, they are found on almost every street corner.

They are hand strung with love. <3

string flowers


  1. How pretty!!! I love the flowers in the hair it’s so pretty and I bet that it did smell good too and the ones your friend got you did last pretty long too. I love how it just adds color to anything that you have on.

  2. I feel like I have been commenting on everyone’s blogs about Anthony Bourdain lately but…I saw an episode of No Reservations and he ended up at a flower market in Goa and said there were no words to describe how amazing the colors and scents were, you have to just experience it yourself.

  3. I love these flowers…yep flower markets are great! When I went North one of the first things I noticed was that ladies didn’t really wear them. So I asked my friend who lived in both the North and the South of India and she said it’s more a Southern thing esp in Tamil Nadu/Karnataka. Up North it’s for special occasions (eg weddings).

    • That is what I heard from my friend, Abraham, in Texas. My friend, Gopal, also stated that even in Dallas and Irving, flowers are for special occasions. I guessed that was due to Western society. They looked at me as if it were not really the case, just the way it is.

      • Definitely in the south it’s not just for special occasions. Almost all the women working inside the development I stayed in wore them daily. I was even surprised to see many women boarding the plane for a 10 hr flight to Germany wearing them in their hair!

      • Even Men in the ancient times in Tamil Nadu used to wear the flowers especially during the time of battles, while winning the battles, while capturing the enemy’s fort,etc. I have studied in my Tamil grammar lessons!
        I just remember this only!

        “vetti vagaiyai sudinaraga”l – They wore the victorious vaagai flowers

  4. I love colour.

    Not so much flowers, but the colour of the flowers in India made me love them that little bit more.

    Cowsills were the flowers I was given on the day I got engaged.

    You did look lovely with the flowers in your hair!

    My wedding is going to rob every florist in the Amritsar area of something pretty!!

  5. What a lovely story! I find this Indian way of wearing flowers so mesmerizing. If i had the skills i would wear flower strings in my hair this way. I love that they don’t need an ocassion to dress up in the south.

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