Relationship Advice From Kajol and Ajay

I love Kajol. Love love love her. The other day I Googled her to find out more info like: who she is married to, how did she break into acting, etc. The search led me to a video of her and her husband on a talk show answering questions about their relationship and giving advice. Hey - there's even an Indian and a gori on the show! (but why so stiff, eh?)

Few thoughts:

  • Why is Kajol and Ajay sitting so far away from each other?
  • Why do they outright laugh at and tease the young Indian couple who went against their parent's wishes and ran off and got married? Awkward!
  • Why isn't Kajol married to SRK instead?! ;) She seems so bubbly and personable. Her husband is so dry and somewhat arrogant. Not happy about this at all!

Well, if you have a few extra minutes in your day, you might enjoy this show. It's nice to hear Bollywood stars talk about love in the real world and to know that it takes hard work for everyone - even the rich, famous, and beautiful. After watching a Bollywood film, I always get sucked into the romanticism of it all - and find that my relationship just can't compare. (who's can?) It takes some time coming down for me and this video really helped bring me back to Mother Earth much quicker. (MIM is very thankful for that I'm sure!)

Let me hear your thoughts!

Celebrating Love with Ajay and Kajol


  1. Interesting video. It is strange that they sit so far apart, and it was def odd when they almost ridiculed the other young couple. I am not real sure I cared too much for the Ajay guy. He seemed condescending, although his and her logical way of assessing and looking at love was pretty pragmatic and made sense. However love doesn’t always make sense. One of my fav quotes- “But wisdom, in one sense, is the opposite of love. Love survives in us precisely because isn’t wise”
    Sometimes my Bf and I run into problems here because he is soooooo darn logical and I am like hey buddy..what does your heart say? But a good compromise between both is best! Also their comments on arranged marriages were interesting too.

  2. It seems we agreed on a lot of aspects in these videos JGirl! Their love was very logical and that’s nice to hear coming from a famous couple. Thanks for the quote – it’s true! MIM is very logical too like your guy and I’m the wanderlust who lives in a dream most of the time. (maybe it’s a being brought up Indian thing? help – can anyone clarify this?) I’m also still waiting to hear why they sat so far from each other on the couch! They ARE married after all!

  3. In an Indian context a man and wife can not show emotions like kissing, hugging, snuggling, sitting touching each other….the maximum they can do is hold hands in public places. It would have repercussions for them because most of the young public ,either girl or boy have spent a strictly secluded life devoid of any relationship or touch from opposite sex .Imagine showing adrenaline rush of sexual or any kind of touch in India and you are provoking the mostly virgin crowd to react(and they do react by staring/teasing women at all places in India…it’s like a sexual gas inside you coming out time to time until you are married).I suppose they are teasing the girl and boy because they want to know how they managed to break the unbreakable social fabric. They must have got very strong feelings for each other. An ideal husband is never the perfect one the kind of which you see in movies .Indian women very well know that .He may not be very handsome(even dark) or very macho but he can be very caring family man(even there are exceptions to that).Normal husbands are dry kind at least in public and sometimes at home .He might be arrogant from outside and yet care for you , your children and the future of his family as well.

  4. Welcome Akash and thanks for taking the time to explain their seating arrangements! I have heard from MIM about showing affection in public (or lack there of) in India, but I thought once a couple is married it’s somewhat ok to show affection for each other. I’m not expecting kissing and hugging but couldn’t they have at least sat near each other? On opposite sides of the couch was a bit strange. Looked more like a lover’s spat was going on!

    Your comments about the Ideal husband reminds me of the movie MIM and I just watched: Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi. Have you seen it yet? I agree with you and the movie expresses this idea very well. I thought it was a bit silly but very touching!

  5. Hmm I came back to this blog because I was thinking about you saying that MIM was also very logical. It reminded me of something my BF told me about India when we first met. He said that “recklessness” is completely absent in India for anyone who at anytime was not priviledged..unlike here in the US. He talks about the beauty and the pain of India and a calm struggle that is in each man there. Its really rather enchanting to hear him speak of it. Many good things and many bad…but perhaps that is where the logic comes from…

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